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  • Question:How did my debt get to Bohemia Faktoring?
  • Answer:Your debt was transferred from the original creditor (usually the bank) to the new creditor on the basis of a contract assignment. If you have received a call for fulfilment from us, it means that Bohemia Faktoring has repurchased your debt from the original creditor and is now entitled to claim reimbursement. We recommend you to contact our consultants as soon as possible to advise you on how to settle your commitment.
  • Question:Why did I not receive any letter before the claim recovery?
  • Answer:Both notice of assignment of the claim and the request for payment of the debt were sent to your last known address, which Bohemia Faktoring received from the previous creditor. In case that your address has been changed, it is your responsibility and in your interest to report this fact to the creditor immediately.
  • Question:I have received a call for performance from Bohemia Faktoring. What should I do?
  • Answer:In case you have received a request for payment of the debt from Bohemia Faktoring and you want to avoid judicial recovery and subsequent execution, we recommend you to contact our consultants as soon as possible. They will help you to deal with your debt. You can use:

  • Question:How do I find out what documents did my debt arise on?
  • Answer:For more detailed specification of the debt and the identification of what the debt arise on, please see the call for payment of the debt you have received from the original creditor (usually a bank).. Additionally, this information can be found on the notice of assignment of your claim to the new creditor, Bohemia Faktoring a.s., or in a pre-procedural reminder sent to you on the last known address. If court proceedings are already in progress, you have the right to inspect the court file with the competent court, containing all documentary evidence.
  • Question:The receivable that has been assigned to your company arises from a contract I have entered into with Provident Financial s.r.o. How can I determine the amount of my debt?
  • Answer:For information on the amount of your debt and its further specification, please refer to the notice of the original creditor (Provident Financial s.r.o.) on the assignment of the claim to Bohemia Faktoring as a new creditor. Alternatively, you can find the information in a pre-litigation reminder, which was sent to your last known address. In case of doubt, please do not hesitate to contact our consultants, who will quantify your debt.
  • Question:How is my debt covered?
  • Answer:Debt interest is always dependent on specific contract arrangements, which you have entered into with the original creditor. You can find accurate information on the interest rate on your debt, for example, in a pre-court reminder or by our advisors. As a rule, the principal amount of the debt is subject to interest you have pledged to pay in the contract, which represents the price of the money borrowed. The borrowed and unpaid portion of the principal is increased by the interest. Additionally, you are charged with default interest at the statutory or contract-based rate, which increases the amount for each day when you are in delay with payment of the amount owed or a repayment. We recommend contacting our consultants as soon as possible in order to agree on resolving your situation.
  • Question:My debt is time-barred. Does it mean I can ignore it?
  • Answer:Even the fact that the debt is possibly time-barred does not mean that you no longer have to pay it. Your debt is not extinguished, and the creditor still has the right to have it paid. Therefore, do not ignore your debt and always try to agree with Bohemia Faktoring on a solution to your situation.
  • Question:I want to pay off my debts. How do I have to proceed?
  • Answer:If you have decided to deal with your situation and repay the debt at once, please send the amount corresponding to the total debt to our bank account, with the appropriate variable symbol within the payment deadline. You can find the amount of the debt, the payment deadline and the bank account details in the letter you received from Bohemia Faktoring. In case the time limit has expired, do not hesitate to contact our consultants who will quantify your receivable.
  • Question:I am in a difficult financial situation, how should I resolve my debt in this case?
  • Answer:Víme, že do těžké finanční situace se může dostat každý z nás, a proto s každým naším klientem jednáme s respektem, snažíme se ho motivovat a pomoci mu v řešení jeho tíživé finanční situace. Dluhy lze rozložit do pravidelných splátek. Při pravidelném a včasném splácení jsou tak naši klienti chráněni před navyšováním dluhu o náklady soudního řízení při jeho řešení soudní cestou. Pokud tedy chcete řešit svou finanční situaci a splatit své dluhy, obraťte se prosím na naše poradce, kteří Vám poradí s možnostmi jejich vypořádání.
  • Question:I want to help to repay another person’s debt. What is needed for that?
  • Answer:In case you are not a client of Bohemia Faktoring, but you want to solve financial difficulties of our client, we can only deal with you on the basis of authorization granted by our client to represent him in the matter. In order to protect our clients’ personal data, we cannot disclose any information to you without a power of attorney. At the same time, we recommend you to obtain our client’s consent to pay their debt.
  • Question:I want to pay off my debt, but I do not have enough money to pay the full amount. How can you help me?
  • Answer:We offer debt assistance to our clients . Our clients can use following possibilities of solving the debt:

    • notářského zápisu – klient uzná svůj dluh vůči Bohemia Faktoring formou listinného zápisu v notářské kanceláři. Notářský zápis umožňuje klientovi splacení celé dlužné částky v pravidelných měsíčních splátkách. V rámci sepisu notářského zápisu je klient vyzván k úhradě zákonem stanoveného poplatku notářské kanceláři. Při řádném (pravidelném) hrazení dohodnutých splátek se klient nemusí obávat exekuce. V případě, že by však klient nehradil řádně a včas, může být pohledávka předána k vymáhání soudnímu exekutorovi.
    • repayment schedule – instead of repayment of the entire amount owed at one time, the debt is spread over regular instalments. When creating a repayment schedule, Bohemia Faktoring strives to meet the client’s financial capabilities to adjust the instalments. In this form, it is possible to deal mostly with low debts. Repayment schedule provides the client with assurance that the debt will not be further increased by additional fees. In case of proper (regular) payment of agreed instalments, the debt will not be dealt with judicially and the client does not have to worry about execution.
    • the court settlement – even in cases when the debt is already a subject of court proceedings, in case the client is interested in solving their situation, we are willing to enter into an agreement on the reconciliation between the parties (ie the agreement concluded between Bohemia Faktoring and the client) which includes agreement on paying the debt in instalments. The approval of this reconciliation is subsequently decided by the court.
  • Question:I have repaid a payment to your account, why can not you confirm the payment?
  • Answer:We would be happy to confirm that we have received your payment, but it is not possible to do it right away. It takes three business days for the payment to be matched with your debt. First, there must be a clearing of non-cash payments between banks. Then the payment is assigned to your debt, but only if the payment identifiers are listed correctly. If you misinterpret one of the identifiers (such as variable symbol) when entering a payment, then we are unable to properly identify and assign your payment. It may take up to a few more days for an incoming payment to be properly assigned. Subsequently, information about your paid amount is written into the internal system. In order to speed up the proces of assigning a payment, a proof of payment is required. In case of payment by postal money order, the process is even longer. For this reason, we prefer non-cash transfer. We would also like to inform you, that we don’t issue postal money orders and that you have to use those of Česká pošta, a.s. (Czech post) for repayment.
  • Question:I have received a payment order to pay the amount owed but I do not owe anyone. Should I ignore it?
  • Answer:In case you are not aware of concluding a contract with a bank or a non-banking company to provide you with money in the past, and yet you received a payment order through the court to pay the amount owed to the claimant named our company, please contact us immediately and directly by e-mail to:, or by phone: +420 257 199 404.
  • Question:I received a summons to the court hearing with the court. What should I do to avoid a court hearing?
  • Answer:In that case, we recommend contacting our consultants as soon as possible to discuss possibilities of out-of-court settlement. If we agree on an amicable settlement of your debt, we will ask the court to cancel the injunction, so your debt will not be further increased by other costs of court proceedings for legal action in the matter. Please note, however, that the annulment of an already-ordered hearing is entirely at the discretion of the court.
  • Question:What happens if I am not actively involved in my debt settlement?
  • Answer:Pokud nebudete řešit svůj dluh, bude se celková splatná částka každý den dále navyšovat o úroky z prodlení a také o řádný úrok, byly-li sjednány ve smlouvě uzavřené mezi Vámi a původním věřitelem. Bohemia Faktoring bude nucena přistoupit k soudnímu vymáhání pohledávky a následnému vymáhání dluhu prostřednictvím exekutora. Váš dluh se tak navýší o soudní výlohy, náklady soudního řízení a náklady exekučního řízení. Doporučujeme Vám se co nejdříve spojit s našimi poradci a svou situaci začít okamžitě řešit. Není na co čekat.
  • Question:Why have I received a call for performance before filling an enforcement order or a notice of commencement of an execution, when I am paying my debt properly?
  • Answer:Your payment may not have been clearly identified and therefore we could not properly settle your debt. To verify, please send us a proof of payment to our e-mail so we can review it. If you pay your debt properly and timely, according to the agreed (properly concluded) repayment schedule, there is no reason for an execution order.