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Provider’s contact details

Bohemia Faktoring, a.s.
Head office (postal address): Letenská 121/8, 118 00 Praha 1
Tel.: +420 257 199 404

Information on registry or list to verify our business authorization

Bohemia Faktoring, a.s. is registered as a non-bank consumer credit provider in the List of regulated and registered financial market entities maintained by the Czech National Bank. The company’s business authorization was granted on March 23rd 2018 and can be verified at the Czech National Bank (Na Příkopě 28, 115 03 Praha 1,

Handling complaints and claims

How to submit a complaint or file a claim?

Complaints and claims are accepted every working day from 8am to 5pm.

You can file a claim or submit a complaint:

  • in writing to the headquarters of Bohemia Faktoring, a.s., Letenská 121/8, Malá Strana, 118 00 Praha 1
  • by e-mail to:
  • by completing the contact form on this website: here

In order for your complaint or claim to be addressed properly and timely, it should include:

  • Name, surname and date of birth
  • Contact address, eventually e-mail contact for specific queries regarding the claim or complaint,
  • Contract number, eventually variable symbol
  • a precise description of the content of the claim case, with all available documentation and other essential information,
  • the date of submitting a complaint or a claim
  • signature


The deadline for processing a complaint or a claim is 30 days from the receipt of the complaint or the claim by Bohemia Faktoring, a.s. The deadline for correcting or completing the claim is not counted in the deadline. If it is not possible to resolve a complain or a claim in the respective deadline, you will be informed about expected date of resolving the complaint or the claim by Bohemia Faktoring, a.s.

How you will be given a response to a complaint or a claim

You will be given a response to your complaint or claim in the same form as the complaint or claim was received. The response will be sent to the address from which your complaint or claim was originally sent.

Other options

See Out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes, Supervisor.

Body for out-of-court dispute resolution

In accordance with Act No. 229/2002 Coll., On the Financial Arbiter, as amended, you can also contact the Finacial Arbiter (Legerova 1581/69, 110 00 Praha 1,,

Supervisory authority

You can also complain to the Czech National Bank, which oversees non-bank providers of consumer credit. (Na Příkopě 28, 115 03 Praha 1,

General process information on the provision of a consumer loan, including information required from the consumer in order to evaluate their creditworthiness

Bohemia Faktoring, a.s. provides consumer loans only in the form of an agreement on repayment of debt (of already paid loan) and its accessories (hereinafter referred to as „repayment agreement“) to existing clients – debtors, usually on the basis of a prior written or telephone request from the client.

Upon receipt of the application for the conclusion of the repayment agreement, the client is contacted by Bohemia Faktoring, a.s. and their current contact details are verified.

Subsequently, the client is informed that in order to assess the acceptance of their application it is necessary to provide information on their creditworthiness (in particular, the amount of their income and expenses, the existence of other debts or the amount of their repayments) and the supporting documents (payslips for the last 3 months, employment contract / agreement on working activity / employment agreement, decision to grant social security benefits or account statement for the last 3 months). At the same time, the client is informed that the information provided must be true and complete and that in case of failure to provide information or documents, if it will prevent Bohemia Faktoring, a.s. from evaluating the creditworthiness of the client, the repayment agreement cannot be concluded.

In case of a negative assessment of the creditworthiness of the client, Bohemia Faktoring, a.s. will inform the client without undue delay about the rejection of their proposal for the repayment agreement. Bohemia Faktoring, a.s. will also inform the client on the reason for the refusal and the results of the lustration from the databases used.

In case of a positive assessment of the creditworthiness of the client and the approval of the application, the pre-contractual information and the draft repayment agreement are sent to the client by registered mail or verified e-mail.

If the client agrees with the content of the repayment agreement, they will send the signed agreement back to the head office of Bohemia Faktoring, a.s..

Bohemia Faktoring, a.s. will provide the client with a signed copy of the repayment agreement in paper form (usually by registered mail) or another durable data medium (usually by sending a scan of the agreement to the client’s verified e-mail) immediately after the conclusion of the agreement.

Providing advice

Bohemia Faktoring, a.s. does not provide advice according to Section 85 (1) of Act No. 257/2016 Coll., on consumer loan.

Purpose of use of consumer loans

Bohemia Faktoring, a.s. provides only a dedicated consumer loans intended to repay (refinance) existing loans to existing clients.

Securing consumer loans

Securing consumer loans is not required.

Duration of consumer loans

Consumer loan is provided by default for a period of 12, 18, 30, 36, 48, 54 or 60 months depending on a total loan amount.

Types of available borrowing interest rates

Consumer loan is negotiated with a fixed interest rate, corresponding to the interest rate on the original loan, i.e. the refinanced loan; this interest rate does not change over the duration of the consumer credit.

In addition, the client is obliged to pay interest on late payment in the statutory rate; the calculation of default interest is governed by the legislation in force in the period in which the delay in payment of the original, i.e. refinanced loan has occurred. Depending on this, the interest rate is either fixed, which does not change over the duration of the consumer credit or movable, which may change over the duration of the consumer credit in the manner prescribed by law.

Consumer loan in foreign currency

Bohemia Faktoring, a.s. does not offer consumer loans in a foreign currency.


Loan amount: CZK 24,000 per 12 months with a monthly instalment of CZK 2,260, an annual interest rate on the loan of 16.02% pa, an interest rate on interest for late payment of 8.05% per annum. Total consumer loan costs CZK 3,120, the total amount payable by the consumer 27 120 CZK, APR 25.82%.

Other costs not included into the total cost of consumer loans

The consumer has to bear any costs for the notary's services if the repayment agreement is negotiated in the form of a notarial record with permission for its direct enforceability.

Options for consumer loans

The consumer is required to pay the consumer loan including interest on the loan and interest on late payments in the form of regular monthly instalments. Interest on the loan and interest on late payments are paid under these instalments.

Monthly repayments of consumer loan can be paid by bank transfer, postal order, or cash deposit to the bank account used to repay the loan. Cash payment of loan repayments is not possible. It is always necessary to specify the agreed variable symbol.

Specific repayment terms are always included in the repayment agreement (number and amount of regular instalments, repayment due date, beginning of repayment, form of repayment, etc.).

The consumer is entitled to receive a table with a summary of their debt cancellation from Bohemia Faktoring, a.s. for the whole duration of the consumer loan. The table is available on request and is free of charge.

Warning on non-guarantee of repayment of the total amount of the consumer loan

Not applicable to consumer loans provided by Bohemia Faktoring, a.s.

Terms and conditions of early repayment of a consumer loan

The consumer is entitled to repay the loan in full or in part at any time during the whole duration of the consumer loan. Early repayment is completely free of charge.

In order to calculate the loan balance, it is appropriate to inform Bohemia Faktoring, a.s. about the intention to repay early before the required term of early repayment date. Early repayment can be done in the same way as a normal repayment, i.e. a transfer to a bank account that serves to repay the loan, a postal order, or a cash deposit into an account. In case of partial early repayment, the total cost of the credit will be reduced proportionally; the total amount payable and the APR will be reduced.

Request for valuation of immovable property

Bohemia Faktoring, a.s. does not require the valuation of immovable property for consumer loans it provides.

Information on the obligation to conclude additional service contract related to consumer loan

There is no need to conclude a contract for an additional service related to consumer loan to obtain the consumer loan.

Notification on the possible consequences of non-compliance with commitments relating to consumer loan contracts

In case of delay in payment of any repayment, on the day 40 (forty) following the non-payment, the full unpaid debt becomes due and the payment agreement is disregarded.

In such a case, the consumer is still obliged to pay to the lender the interest on the loan agreed on the original, ie the refinanced loan, and the default interest at the statutory level, all from the day following the maturity of the unpaid debt to the payment thereof.

In this case, the consumer is further exposed to the risk of debt recovery through court proceedings, including the enforced execution. Because of the commencement of these proceedings, there may also be an increase in the debt for the costs of the proceedings. Bohemia Faktoring, a.s. is also authorized to sell the claim to a third party. A delay in repayment may also result into the record in the debtors‘ register, which may be an obstacle to providing a new loan from Bohemia Faktoring or other financial institution in the future.

Financial literacy

Each loan applicant should consider carefully whether they truly need the loan. A reasonable reason for such a decision is the need to buy a house or an appartment, a business, a study or an education loan. On the other hand, loans for gifts, holiday or a new mobile phone are usually unwise.

According to experience of Bohemia Faktoring, buying enjoyments on debt often ends with execution. Before each loan application, the applicant should write down all their incomes and summarize their regular expenses. On a basis of this calculation the applicant will find out how much money they can put aside monthly to repay the loan. In case the applicant can afford to repay the debt, they should compare the offers of all loan providers first, and read the draft contracts carefully.

Bohemia Faktoring also recommends searching for reviews and ratings of the selected loan provider before signing the contract. A responsible loan provider must have a license from the Czech National Bank, a clear and transparent contract, and such a provider never hides the APR (Annual Percentage Rate).

In case the debtor finds out that they are unable to repay their loans, they should contact the creditor immediatelly to settle the situation together – to postpone the repayment or to merge several repayments into one. Often, this can prevent a more serious debt trap that may end in an execution.

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